Magento 2



Gives you the possibility to present a slideshow, known as a banner slider, which can be set up anywhere on your website.

Multiple Layered Navigation

Allows the possibility to make multiple selections of the "shop by" filters based on categories, attributes, and price.

Extended Contact Form

Extended Contact Form, allows you to customize the "Contact Us" form fields.


The extension allows customers to request a callback.


This extension is used to share articles on your website.


Provides the possibility to publish exciting store news and use the latest news widget on CMS pages.




Give your customers the opportunity to add testimonials about your store and display them on your website on separate page(s).




A collection of frequently asked questions and answers on specific topics.

Profile Avatar

Give your customers the opportunity to personalize their account by uploading an avatar


Attach files to products or cms pages without having to reload files for each.


Gives you and your customers opportunity to divide stock inventory and display inventory separately on several warehouses

Go To Top Button

Fast and easy way to add a "scroll to top" button to your website. Helps with a better user experience.

Bug Reporter

Give your customers the opportunity to report found bugs on your website

Multiple Flat Rate Shipping